Sama Arts Network is one of the UK’s oldest and most influential arts organisations in the genre of traditional and contemporary South Asian arts. It also presents Orchestral, Jazz and World Music.

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The Anuraag Collective is the coming together of a fluid, eclectic set of musicians,veterans in their own genres of music. Anuraag (composer and lead vocals) breathes life in the priceless ancient Indian philosophies as they manifest themselves in this modern-day context. Strong influences of Sufism and Hindustani Classical Music melt together, effortlessly with luscious Jazz and Neo Soul influences.

22 June / 8pm Concert Rich Mix Book Now

Akademi, in collaboration with SAMA Arts, presents a first-ever performance in Britain, showcasing unique selections from the court and salon Sadir dance repertoire from British India, performed by the captivating dancer, actor, and noted scholar Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh.

Sadir or the invitational performances of the 17th to early 20th century Southern India, were given by highly trained, hereditary, professional dancers, and their musician troupes in the royal durbars and sumptuous salons of rajahs, nawabs and other wealthy sponsors, often including among their guests, the officers of The Raj or British India.

30 June / 7:30pm Concert LSO St. Luke’s Book Now

Rhythms in Landscape is timely celebration of South Asian Dance Festival covering both Classical and Contemporary styles.

It will celebrate historic achievements and contemporary diversity of South Asian Dance in the UK and pose crucial questions to stimulate, steer and secure the future of British Asian dance as part of the UK’s ever growing dance landscape. The five day festival will cover a range of events – including performances, master classes, workshops from training to artist development and other contemporary factors that are shaping South Asian dance creation & distribution

28 June / 7:30pm Concert Sadir: Dancing for Rajahs, Nawabs, and the Officers of The Raj — Swarnamalya Ganesh Storey’s Field Centre
29 June / 7:30pm Concert Kathak —Alpana Sengupta Dance Company Storey’s Field Centre
30 June / 7:30pm Concert Bharatanatyam — Krishna Zivraj Storey’s Field Centre
19 July / 7:30pm Concert Kathakali Dance/Drama —Kalamanadalam Vijayakumar
Kuchipudi — Arunima Kumar
Storey’s Field Centre
21 July / 6pm Concert Mohini Attam —Uphaar Dance Company
Kathak — Parbati Chaudhury
Odissi —
Elena Catalano
Storey’s Field Centre
29 & 30 June & 21 July / 12pm - 1:30pm Yoga Workshop Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind —
Tina Rawal
Storey’s Field Centre
30 June / 5pm Concert Chilanka Pooja —
Natyanjali Dance School
Cambridge Junction

Proejct Mishram

Progressive Carnatic fusion band from Bangalore. ’MishraM’ is an amalgamation of the western genres of music like Rock, Metal, Jazz, Reggae and Electronic music centered around the Indian classical music.

Tuesday 2 July / 7pm Concert Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club, Leeds
// with support from The Tenmours
Book Now
Tuesday 9 July / 8pm Concert MAC, Birmingham
Wednesday 10 July / 8pm Concert Rich Mix, London Book Now
Thursday 11 July / 8pm Concert The Reardon Smith Theatre
National Museum Cardiff, Cardiff
Book Now - Rekha Girish 07540 945075

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