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Saami Brothers are a group of accomplished vocalist and worthy custodians of the Traditional Qawwali as exemplified in Khyal of the performance Hazrat Ameer Khusrau and Ustad Tanras Khan Sahab – of the Delhi / Qawwal Bahche Gharana.

The group are the sons of the much acc laimed Maestro Ustad Naseeruddin Saami. They are well – versed in several classical genres, currently performing as a traditional (Riwayati) Qawali group

16 NOV / 8pm / £12-£15 Concert mac, Birmingham Book Now
17 NOV / 7pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now
20 NOV / 7pm / Free Talk/Discussion on Qawwali The Curve, Slough Book Now


The name of Naseeruddin Saami needs no introduction in the field of music. His ancestors founded the school of music known as the “DELHI GHARANA”. His forefathers were associated with the Darbar of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. His ancestor MIYAN SAMATH had the privilege of being the disciple of Hazrat Ameer Khusro.

Naseeruddin is a strict follower in the style of his family tradition-keeping ‘Sur’ as the most important component of his singing. His singing is peaceful and calm. Heartfelt rendition of the raga, manifesting the emotions which are mentioned in the bandish is one of the main aspects of Khyal Gaiki, in which he excels. He shows his versatility by also singing, Sadara, Thumri,Tarana, Dadra and Ghazal.

17 NOV / 3pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now


Ustad Irfan Khan is the khalifa (head) of the ancient Lucknow Shajahanpur Gharana (Traditional School) of instrumental music and is one of the last instrumentalists of the subcontinent with a vast repertoire of historic compositions and a detailed insight into Raga grammar.

His ancestors were rubab players and came to India as martial musicians from Afghanistan in the 17th century. In Lucknow they mixed with the court musicians and modified the rubab into what would become the sarod.

22 NOV / 7:30pm / £20 Concert Purple Playhouse Theatre, Hove Book Now
24 NOV / 8pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now
25 NOV / 7pm / £13.50 - £11.50 Concert Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich Book Now


Zeeshan Ali is the student of Ustad Mehdi Hasan Khan sahib and has spent his life in around the art of Ghazal Gayaki. Zeeshan was fortunate enough to be awarded the first place prize in the Asian Song Contest whereby he was given a HMV gold plate by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib. Zeeshan has spent over 30 years amongst greats seeking their blessings and taleem, some of which include the great Ustad Salamat Ali Khan sahib, Ustad Pervaiz Mehdi Khan sahib and Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib, to name a few. Zeeshan hopes to spread the name of his Great Ustad through his passion for music.

1 DEC / 6pm / £20 Concert The Curve, Slough Book Now

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