Sama Arts Network is one of the UK’s oldest and most influential arts organisations in the genre of traditional and contemporary South Asian arts. It also presents Orchestral, Jazz and World Music.

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What’s On

Sama @ Tileyard London

11 Mar / 7:30pm StringFEST - aavaam - we two
Shreya Devnath & Praveen Sparsh - Duet for violin & mridangam
Tileyard London Book Now
15 Mar / 6pm KHYAL: Music & Imagination
Shrinivas Joshi - Khyal - The legacy of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi
Tileyard London Book Now
29 Mar / 6pm StringFEST
Arnab Chakrabarty & Shahbaz Hussain - Sarod & Tabla
Tileyard London Book Now

What Was On


Taking inspiration from his father, Jonathan Mayer revisited material from the 1960s. John Mayer formerly Indo Jazz Fusions in 1966 and this quartet will also play new original material.

Jonathan Mayer – Sitar
Mitel Purohit – Tabla
Tony Levein – Drums
Steve Tromans – Piano

19 DEC / 7:30pm / 10 Concert Storey’s Field Centre Book Now

A celebration of Words, Poetry and Music.

24 Sep / 6:30pm Concert Najma Aktar Nehru Centre
30 Sep / 6:30pm Concert Kaleem Sheikh Nehru Centre
30 Oct / 6:30pm Concert Sanjeev & Karuna Loomba Nehru Centre
28 Nov / 6:30pm Concert Kamalbir Singh.
Accompanied By
Manjit Singh Rasiya Tabla, Ikram Khan Sarangi
— Book Now
Nehru Centre
1 Dec / 7:30pm Concert Zeeshan Ali
Accompanied By
Shabaz Hussain Tabla
— Book Now
The Curve, Slough
3 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Puja Gupta
Accompanied By
Shabaz Hussain Tabla
— Book Now
Nehru Centre
6 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Mehtab Malhotra
Accompanied By
Af Malhotra Tabla, Ikram Khan Sarangi, Junaid Khan Sarangi
—Book Now
Nehru Centre


Ustad Irfan Khan is the khalifa (head) of the ancient Lucknow Shajahanpur Gharana (Traditional School) of instrumental music and is one of the last instrumentalists of the subcontinent with a vast repertoire of historic compositions and a detailed insight into Raga grammar.

His ancestors were rubab players and came to India as martial musicians from Afghanistan in the 17th century. In Lucknow they mixed with the court musicians and modified the rubab into what would become the sarod.

21 Nov / 6:30pm Concert Nehru Centre
Solo Performance accompanied by Gurdain Rayyat
Book Now
22 NOV / 7:30pm / £20 Concert Purple Playhouse Theatre, Hove Book Now
24 NOV / 8pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now
25 NOV / 7pm / £13.50 - £11.50 Concert Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich Book Now


Zeeshan Ali is the student of Ustad Mehdi Hasan Khan sahib and has spent his life in around the art of Ghazal Gayaki. Zeeshan was fortunate enough to be awarded the first place prize in the Asian Song Contest whereby he was given a HMV gold plate by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahib. Zeeshan has spent over 30 years amongst greats seeking their blessings and taleem, some of which include the great Ustad Salamat Ali Khan sahib, Ustad Pervaiz Mehdi Khan sahib and Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan Sahib, to name a few. Zeeshan hopes to spread the name of his Great Ustad through his passion for music.

1 DEC / 6pm / £20 Concert The Curve, Slough Book Now


Saami Brothers are a group of accomplished vocalist and worthy custodians of the Traditional Qawwali as exemplified in Khyal of the performance Hazrat Ameer Khusrau and Ustad Tanras Khan Sahab – of the Delhi / Qawwal Bahche Gharana.

The group are the sons of the much acc laimed Maestro Ustad Naseeruddin Saami. They are well – versed in several classical genres, currently performing as a traditional (Riwayati) Qawali group

16 NOV / 8pm / £12-£15 Concert mac, Birmingham Book Now
17 NOV / 7pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now
20 NOV / 7pm / Free Talk/Discussion on Qawwali The Curve, Slough Book Now


The name of Naseeruddin Saami needs no introduction in the field of music. His ancestors founded the school of music known as the “DELHI GHARANA”. His forefathers were associated with the Darbar of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya. His ancestor MIYAN SAMATH had the privilege of being the disciple of Hazrat Ameer Khusro.

Naseeruddin is a strict follower in the style of his family tradition-keeping ‘Sur’ as the most important component of his singing. His singing is peaceful and calm. Heartfelt rendition of the raga, manifesting the emotions which are mentioned in the bandish is one of the main aspects of Khyal Gaiki, in which he excels. He shows his versatility by also singing, Sadara, Thumri,Tarana, Dadra and Ghazal.

17 NOV / 3pm / £20 Concert Tileyard Studios, London Book Now

An introduction to the enigmatic, iconoclastic 15th century Bhakti-Sufi poet, Kabir, through storytelling, commentary, poetry and songs. The songs are in dialects of Hindi and the entire narration will be in English.

Vipul Rikhi is a singer, poet, storyteller and translator, immersed in the oral traditions of Kabir and other Bhakti and Sufi poets for over a decade

2 November / 7pm Concert SOAS, London Book Now

Saami Brothers are a group of accomplished vocalist and worthy custodians of the Traditional Qawwali as exemplified in Khyal of Hazrat Ameer Khusrau and Ustad Tanras Khan Sahab – of the Delhi / Qawwal Bahche Gharana.

The group are the sons of the much acclaimed Maestro Ustad Naseeruddin Saami. They are well-versed in several classical genres, currently performing as a traditional (Riwayati) Qawali group.

22 August/ 8pm Concert The Gallery, Tileyard Studios Book Now

Hamza Akram Qawwal & Brothers, grandsons of the revered Munshi Raziuddin, have been acclaimed for their riveting interpretations of qawwali, the ecstatic improvisational Sufi vocal tradition.

This award-winning ensemble represents the 26th generation of the seven centuries-old Qawwal Bachon ka Gharana of Delhi founded by Saamat bin Ibrahim, the first qawwal of the subcontinent and principal student of mystic Amir Khusrau.

31 August/ 6pm Concert Osterley Park Hotel, Isleworth Book Now

The Anuraag Collective is the coming together of a fluid, eclectic set of musicians,veterans in their own genres of music. Anuraag (composer and lead vocals) breathes life in the priceless ancient Indian philosophies as they manifest themselves in this modern-day context. Strong influences of Sufism and Hindustani Classical Music melt together, effortlessly with luscious Jazz and Neo Soul influences.

22 June / 8pm Concert Rich Mix Book Now

Akademi, in collaboration with SAMA Arts, presents a first-ever performance in Britain, showcasing unique selections from the court and salon Sadir dance repertoire from British India, performed by the captivating dancer, actor, and noted scholar Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh.

Sadir or the invitational performances of the 17th to early 20th century Southern India, were given by highly trained, hereditary, professional dancers, and their musician troupes in the royal durbars and sumptuous salons of rajahs, nawabs and other wealthy sponsors, often including among their guests, the officers of The Raj or British India.

30 June / 7:30pm Concert LSO St. Luke’s Book Now

Rhythms in Landscape is timely celebration of South Asian Dance Festival covering both Classical and Contemporary styles.

It will celebrate historic achievements and contemporary diversity of South Asian Dance in the UK and pose crucial questions to stimulate, steer and secure the future of British Asian dance as part of the UK’s ever growing dance landscape. The five day festival will cover a range of events – including performances, master classes, workshops from training to artist development and other contemporary factors that are shaping South Asian dance creation & distribution

28 June / 7:30pm Concert Sadir: Dancing for Rajahs, Nawabs, and the Officers of The Raj — Swarnamalya Ganesh Storey’s Field Centre
29 June / 7:30pm Concert Kathak —Alpana Sengupta Dance Company Storey’s Field Centre
30 June / 7:30pm Concert Bharatanatyam — Krishna Zivraj Storey’s Field Centre
19 July / 7:30pm Concert Kathakali Dance/Drama —Kalamanadalam Vijayakumar
Kuchipudi — Arunima Kumar
Storey’s Field Centre
21 July / 6pm Concert Mohini Attam —Uphaar Dance Company
Kathak — Parbati Chaudhury
Odissi —
Elena Catalano
Storey’s Field Centre
29 & 30 June & 21 July / 12pm - 1:30pm Yoga Workshop Yoga for Body, Breath and Mind —
Tina Rawal
Storey’s Field Centre
30 June / 5pm Concert Chilanka Pooja —
Natyanjali Dance School
Cambridge Junction

Proejct Mishram

Progressive Carnatic fusion band from Bangalore. ’MishraM’ is an amalgamation of the western genres of music like Rock, Metal, Jazz, Reggae and Electronic music centered around the Indian classical music.

Tuesday 2 July / 7pm Concert Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club, Leeds
// with support from The Tenmours
Book Now
Tuesday 9 July / 8pm Concert MAC, Birmingham
Wednesday 10 July / 8pm Concert Rich Mix, London Book Now
Thursday 11 July / 8pm Concert The Reardon Smith Theatre
National Museum Cardiff, Cardiff
Book Now - Rekha Girish 07540 945075

Shared Values is a festival of South Asian art music, contemporary, classical & traditional that seeks to showcase the achievements of non-South Asian musicians who have wholeheartedly adopted the aesthetic values of this music and emerged as accomplished performers. We believe that the breadth and depth of these artists’ with their adoptive musical culture can only be put in perspective when they are given an opportunity to share a platform with leading indigenous performers. This is a festival to project that South Asian music is universal, welcoming and inclusive. (click on the artist list to book online, click on venue for directions).

17 Feb Concert Clive Bell - Flute / Ricky Choudhuri - Flute / Sanjay Jhalla - Tabla Brockwood School
3 Mar Concert Jon Mayer - Sitar / Nitin Amin - Flute / Manjeet Singh Rasiya - Tabla Storey’s Field Centre
18 Mar / 6:30pm Concert Fabrice De Graef - Flute / Kiranpal Singh – Santoor / Manjeet Rasiya - Tabla Nehru Centre
22 Mar / 6:30pm Concert Josh Feinberg - Sitar / Shahbaz Hussain - Tabla Nehru Centre
11 Apr / 6:30pm Concert Clem Alford - Sitar / Sirish Kumar – Tabla Nehru Centre
13 Apr / 7:30pm Concert Roopa Panesar - Sitar / Sanju Sahai - Tabla Tileyard Studios
14 Apr / 6pm Concert Jérôme Cormier - Dhrupad Vocal / Carsten Wicke - Rudra Veena Tileyard Studios
17 Apr / 6:30pm Concert Nicolas Magriel - Sarangi / Matyas Wolter - Surbahar / Olmo Cassiba - Pakhawaj Nehru Centre
18 Apr / 7:30pm Concert Carsten Wicke - Rudra Veena / Matyas Wolter - Surbahar / Olmo Cassiba - Pakhawaj Nehru Centre
23 Apr / 7:30pm Concert Jesse Bannister - Saxophone / Giuliano Modarelli - Guitar / Kash Killion - Double Bass / Sanju Sahai -Tabla Rich Mix
7 May / 6:30pm Concert Gayatri Ajay - Veena / Pujenthan Sivagurunathan - Khanjira / Janakan Srirangan - Mridangam Nehru Centre
9 May / 6:30pm Concert Subhadra Desai - Khyal / Surjeet Singh - Sarangi / Sanjay Jhala - Tabla Nehru Centre
11 May / 7:30pm Concert John Baily Rubab / Veronica Doubleday - Vocal / Sulaiman Haqpana – Tabla Tileyard Studios
12 May / 6pm Concert Indro Roy-Chowdhury - Sitar / Ustad Dharambir Singh - Surbahar / Shahbaz Hussain - Tabla / Sudarshan Singh - Jori Tileyard Studios
14 May / 7:30pm Concert Ken Zuckerman - Sarod / Sanju Sahai - Tabla Rich Mix

Ustad Nishat Khan

Sitar virtuoso, Nishat Khan has an impeccable international reputation and the north indian is regarded as one of the towering performers of the pre-eminent instrument of Indian classical music.

He returns to London to perform at the prestigious Union Chapel, accompanied by tabla player Pandit Sanju Sahai and with it’s “infinite and imaginative variety”, as declared by The Guardian, this is truly to be a magical evening.

13 May / 6:30pm Concert Union Chapel Book Now

The family of Qawwal Najmuddin Saifuddin group trace their ancestry back to the 13th-century and are considered today the leading singers of the Sufi Qawwali tradition. Their songs are of thousands of years of mystic poetry, which have been passed on from generation to generation. The songs, which constitute the qawwali repertoire, are in a number of languages. Those from the classical period are in dialects of north India like Brajbhasha and Awadhi. These dialects continue to have huge influence on qawwali in other languages. There is a rich tradition in other languages like Urdu, Punjabi, Persian and Saraiki.

UK Tour

5 Mar Holywell Music Room, Oxford 0730 605 6305 Book Now
15 Mar Storey’s Field Centre, Cambridge 01223 357851 Book Now
16 Mar Dominion Centre, Southall 0730 605 6305 Book Now
22 Mar Tara Arts Theatre, London 0208 8333 4457 Book Now
23 Mar Woodside Hall, Glasgow 0778 693 5075 Book Now
24 Mar Excelsior, Nottingham 0115 7100 300
29 Mar Midland Art Centre, Birmingham 0121 446 3232 Book Now
30 Mar Key Theatre, Peterborough 01733 207239 Book Now
31 Mar The Curve, Slough 0730 605 6305 Book Now
5 Apr Great Hall, Dartington 01803 847 070 Book Now
6 Apr Porchester Hall, London 0730 605 6305 Book Now
7 Apr Newhampton Art Centre, Wolverhampton 01902 572090 Book Online
10 Apr Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester 0161 907 5555 Book Now

The Indus Festival, is a series of performances in celebration of the classical and contemporary arts of South Asia. We are presenting a number of artists in collaboration with organisations from the East region. This will be the basis for all future work of Indus Music. We propose to celebrate The Beatles’ trip to India which transformed the perception of Indian music in the West. Their historic meeting with Pandit Ravi Shankar remains to this day the key moment in the history of this music in the West.

The festival will include music – all genres, Khyal, Qawwali, Ghazals, Dance, Book Reading, Poetry.

1 Mar / 7:30pm Concert Nitin Amin – Flute
Jonathan Mayer – Sitar
Manjeet Singh Rasiya – Tabla
Storey’s Field Centre
3 Mar / 3pm Workshop Children’s Educational Programme Percussion Tradition Of North & South India

Storey’s Field Centre
3 Mar / 6:30pm Concert Kaleem Sheikh: Introduction to the history of Ghazals and a Performance
Five Notes of the Raga: A book by Dr Bhaskar Das Gupta
Khyal Vocal: Deepa Hattangady Karnad
Storey’s Field Centre
12 Mar / 7:30pm Concert Songs of the Mystics:Traditional Sufi Qawwali
Najmuddin & Saifuddin Qawwal
Storey’s Field Centre
17 Mar / 3pm Concert Sanjukta Mitra: Classical Vocal
Anandadhara Arts Presents The Gems of Bengal
Storey’s Field Centre
17 Mar / 7:30pm Concert Indian Classical Dance
Bhartanatyam: Viji Moorthie
Kathak: Ragini Madan
Storey’s Field Centre


20 Sep / 6:30pm Concert Shika Ganguli —
Hanif Khan - Tabla / Nafiz Irfan - Harmonium
Nehru Centre
26 Sep / 6:30pm Concert Rahul Mishra —
Dheeraj Mishra - Tabla / Nafiz Irfan - Harmonium
Nehru Centre
25 Nov / 3pm Concert Shafqat Ali Khan —
Shahbaz Hussain - Tabla / Gurbaksh Singh - Dilruba
Royal Asiatic Society
26 Nov / 6:30pm Concert Chandrima Mishra —
Shahbaz Hussain - Tabla / Prabhat Rao - Harmonium
Nehru Centre
27 Nov / 6:30pm Concert Kaviraj Singh —
Amritpal Singh - Tabla / Gurbaksh Singh - Dilruba
Nehru Centre
4 Dec Inauguration / 6pm
5-13 Dec /
10am-6pm / Mon to Fri only
Exhibition Khyal: Music and Imagination - Multimedia Exhibition —
Led by Martin Clayton and Laura Leante at Durham University, in collaboration with GemArts, and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
Nehru Centre
4 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Khyal: Music & Imagination Exhibition Inauguration
Vijay Rajput —
Sanju Sahai - Tabla / Kirpal Singh Panesar - Dilruba
Nehru Centre
5 Dec / 4pm Workshop Vijay Rajput —
Khyal Workshop
Nehru Centre
6 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Ustad Fida Husain – Felicitation Event
Deepa Karnad —
Budhaditya Bhattacharya —

Gurdain Rayatt - Tabla / Gurbaksh Singh Matharu - Dilruba
Nehru Centre
8 Dec / 6pm Concert Sanjukta Mitra —
Udit Pankhania - Tabla
Prabhat Rao —
Amritpal Singh - Tabla / Rishikesh Kardile - Harmonium
Bhavan Centre
9 Dec / 1pm Concert Roshan Abbas —
Guest musicians
Dominion Centre
10 Dec / 4pm Workshop Sarojini Pati —
Khyal Workshop
Nehru Centre
11 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Kaleem Sheikh — A talk on Khyal / Music — CANCELLED
Tarsem Singh - Tabla / Surjeet Singh - Sarangi
Nehru Centre
12 Dec / 4pm Film Screening Screening 1 —
Kishori Amonikar - Live in Concert
Nehru Centre
13 Dec / 4pm Film Screening Screening 2 —
Pandit Bhimsen Joshi - Live in Concert
Nehru Centre
14 Dec / 7:30pm Concert Rahul Mishra —
Dheeraj Mishra - Tabla
Tara Arts
16 Dec / 2pm Seminar Khyal Seminar —
Comprehensive discussion on Khyal and gharanas (schools)
Rich Mix
16 Dec / 6:30pm Concert Chiranjeeb Chakraborty —
Amruta Bawane Garud —

Manjeet Singh Rasiya - Tabla / guest musicians
Rich Mix

24 May / 6:30pm / £ Free Concert Shephali Frost —
Sufi Songs from 16 - 21st Century / Prelude event - Women in the Arts Festival
Nehru Centre
12 June / 6:30pm / £ Free Concert Chinmayi Tripathi: Poetry Project —
Songs of Hindi Poets (Neo Romanticist Poetry)
Nehru Centre
12—17 June / 11am-7pm / £ Free Exhibition Madhubani Painting Exhibtion —
Seema Singh
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
16—17 June / 10am / £27.54 Workshop Madhubani Painting Workshop
Seema Singh
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
Saturday 16 June / 8pm / £12-15 Concert Mystic Songs & Sufi Qawwali —
Abi Sampa with support from Chinmayi Tripathi
Rich Mix
18 June—11 July / 11am to 7pm / £ Free Exhibition Women in Khyal Music - Music and Imagination —
A multimedia exhibition
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
19 June / 6:30pm / £ Free Talk/Concert A Talk by Dr Laura Leante - Khyal Exhibition —
Khyal Music — Dr Milind Malshe
Nehru Centre
20 June / 6:30pm / £ Free Talk/Book Launch A Talk by Dr Laura Leante — Khyal Music & Visual Art
Book Launch — Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta launched a fictitious musical story on Khyal between a 15th Century blind poet saint and Mughal Emperor Akbar.
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
19—23 June/ 10am to 6pm / £ Free Exhibition Songs of Spring —
Sara Riaz Khan•Vinita Khanna•Sudipta Modi
Asia House
24 June—13 July / 11am to 7pm / £ Free Exhibition Songs of Spring —
Sara Riaz Khan • Vinita Khanna • Sudipta Modi
Transferred from Asia House
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
26 June / 7pm / £7.50 Talk Talk on Music of the Agra Gharana —
Priya Purshothaman
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
29 June / 7pm / £15 Concert Priya Purshothaman — Khyal Vocal
With Amritpal Singh—Tabla
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
6 July / 7.30pm / £ Free Concert Deepa Hattangady Karnad —
Khyal Music
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
8 July / 6:30pm / £10 Dance Recital Indrani Datta — Kathak
Katrina Rute — Bharatanatym
Pallavi Anand — Odissi
Bhavan Centre
10 July—13 July / 11am to 7pm / £ Free Exhibition Exhibition of the Baul Tradition —
Papia Das Baul
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
12 July / 6:30pm/ £ Free Concert Sanjukta Mitra —
Khyal Vocal
Nehru Centre
13 July / 6:30pm/ £ Free Concert Yan White —
Flute recital - Khyal Exhibition
M.P. Birla Gallery, Bhavan Centre
19 July / 6:30pm / £ Free Concert Sunita Avani Amin —
Dhrupad Vocals
Nehru Centre
21 July / 7:30pm / £15 Concert Amrit Kaur Lohia —
KauRAS/ Deepa Nair Rasiya —
Songs of Sufi / Sikh Tradition
Watermans Art Centre
22 July / 3pm / £15 Concert Sangeeta Datta —
Tagore & Baul
Papia Das Baul —
Baul Songs
Watermans Art Centre
22 July / 7pm / £15 Concert Shepali Frost –
Sufi Mystics / Contemporary Poets
Vandana Somai –
Bhakti Poet
Watermans Art Centre
28 July / 7:30pm / £13 Comedy Sindhu Vee: Sandhog —
A night of comedy with Sindhu Vee
Tara Arts Theatre
3 August / 6:30pm / £ Free Concert Urmi Chakraborty —
Semi Classical /Hindustani Vocals
Nehru Centre
13 August / 2:30pm / £10 Conference Women in the Arts Conference —
Keynote Speech / Panel discussions / Business of Music
Music Publishing / Talent Development & Artist Management
Finance & Fundraising
Wilton's Music Hall
13 August / 7:45pm / £17.50 Concert Nicki Wells —Turya Wilton's Music Hall
14 August / 7:45pm / £17.50 Concert Zoe Rahman —Jazz / Contemporary Wilton's Music Hall
15 August / 7:45pm / £17.50 Concert Patricia Rozario —Soprano/ Western Classical ::Naresh Sohal / John Taverner / Vijay Anand Wilton's Music Hall
16 August / 7:45pm / £17.50 Concert Calcutta —English Baroque meets Indian Music Wilton's Music Hall

Present by Tara Arts with Sama Arts

6 April / 7:30pm Concert In Praise of Khusrau: Sitar & Mystic Sufi Songs
Roopa Panesar and Abi Sampa
Tara Arts Theatre
7 April / 2pm Concert Agra Ragas
Deepa Hattangady Karnad
Tara Arts Theatre
7 April / 4pm Concert

Konnakol (Indian scat) & Carnatic Vocal / Songs of the Tanjore QuartetKonnakol and Vamshikrishna Vishnudas

Tara Arts Theatre
7 April / 7:30pm Concert
Songs of Love and Separation
Amrit Kaur Lohia and Mehtab Malhotra
Tara Arts Theatre
8 April / 2pm Concert
Rhythms in the Landscape
Taal Vadya Kacheri and Kirpal Panesar
Tara Arts Theatre
8 April / 4pm Concert
Voice of the Kirana School
Vijay Rajput
Tara Arts Theatre
8 April / 7:30pm Concert
Ancestral Voices
Arnab Chakrabarty, Yogesh Samsi & Gundecha Brothers
Tara Arts Theatre

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